Where is the Best Place to Exchange Money in Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta, you’ll probably need to change money. There are many options for currency exchange in Puerto Vallarta, but not all of them are reliable. Keep reading to learn about the best places to exchange money in Puerto Vallarta. You’ll find ATMs, currency converters, and more. Then you’ll know exactly how much money you need to exchange in order to get the best price.


There are many ATMs in Puerto Vallarta, including those linked to the Cirrus and PLUS systems. Generally, they offer Spanish and English service. In addition, these machines offer excellent exchange rates, and most have very low fees. They are safer and are usually located in supermarkets or at major banks. Here are some helpful tips for using an ATM in Puerto Vallarta:

A Romanian mob called the «Mufa» has been behind a recent scam in Puerto Vallarta. Despite the arrest of a Romanian mobster in May, the group is still running ATM fraud in Puerto Vallarta and trafficking in women. They have also formed an alliance with the Bonfil Cartel, a group linked to the Sinaloa Cartel. Those in Puerto Vallarta should avoid visiting these ATMs, and try to find a trusted one.

Check your bank account frequently. If you notice any unusual activity, notify your bank immediately. If you suspect that your bank is being hacked, cancel your card and request a new one. If necessary, obtain a copy of the fraudulent transaction from the local attorney general’s office. The office is located near the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. It is important to remember that all ATMs are not alike, and there are many ways to protect your money.

Most major hotels and restaurants in Puerto Vallarta accept credit cards, although smaller eateries and shops generally do not. However, you can try to use your debit or credit card. Most restaurants will accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Only a few of them will accept Diner’s Club. Depending on where you are staying, you may want to carry cash, as most of them only accept cash. And you never know, you may end up in a situation where your bank does not accept your card.

Currency converters

When traveling to Mexico, make sure to carry cash. Although Puerto Vallarta has a vast number of ATMs, you may want to use a currency converter. ATMs in Puerto Vallarta can be used to exchange dollars for pesos. This is a safer option than using cash, and the exchange rates are competitive. Still, it is important to carry enough money for the trip, especially if you plan to spend time in rural areas or remote villages. Foreign coins are useless in Mexico and will be worthless in many situations.

While the official currency of Puerto Vallarta is the Mexican Peso, US and Canadian dollars are widely accepted. It is also possible to get an even better exchange rate by using an online currency converter. While exchange rates change frequently, it’s important to keep in mind that the rates you see on these sites are the rates banks offer. The general public, however, receives lower rates, typically 1% to 3% below the interbank rate.

If you don’t have access to a computer, you can use the hotel’s free internet service to check the current exchange rate. While some hotels offer decent exchange rates, most travelers find the best rates through ATMs. Nevertheless, it is possible to exchange a small amount of money at your hotel and compare it with rates from an ATM. If you plan to exchange larger amounts of money, you may want to visit ATMs in the area.

You can use US dollars to pay taxi drivers, grocery stores, and restaurants. Although the vast majority of ATMs in Puerto Vallarta are safe, a small number have been prone to being compromised by card skimmers. A CiBanco ATM in the Romantic Zone has been the subject of repeated issues with card security. This is not a bank, however, but rather a money exchange location.

Currency exchanges

When traveling abroad, you may be wondering where to find currency exchanges in Puerto Vallarta. There are several locations that will accept foreign currencies and various types of local currency. If you don’t have enough local currency, you can also use a money order to change your currency. Before you head to one of these locations, however, you should check if they accept your particular type of currency. Many money exchange kiosks are conveniently located near the Yure’s Store.

While you are in Mexico, it is a good idea to bring pesos and avoid paying in US dollars. Many merchants will not accept your US dollars, Canadian dollarettes, European Euros, or Australian Dollars. While it’s possible to exchange your dollars at a hotel, most places will not accept them. Be sure to ask before you pay for things, and always bring plenty of smaller denominations.

ATMs are located throughout the city. While many businesses in Puerto Vallarta accept US or Canadian dollars, exchange rates are less advantageous than the national average. To help local businesses offset the costs of currency exchanges, some establishments accept credit and debit cards. While using a credit card may appear to be a convenient workaround, these machines often charge more than 5 percent for each transaction. It is a good idea to carry the right currency to protect yourself from getting scammed.

While you can find many ATMs throughout the city, you should avoid airport exchange houses. The exchange houses at the airport are generally more expensive and may not offer favorable exchange rates. You’ll also pay commissions, which may be as much as 30%. You’ll be better off using a bank for these transactions. Alternatively, you can also go to a local bank to exchange your currency. However, it’s a good idea to check the official exchange rate before you make your travel plans to the city.

Currency exchange rates

If you’re heading to Mexico for a vacation, you’ll likely be looking for the best possible currency exchange rates. In Puerto Vallarta, you can get over 19 pesos to the US dollar. While the value of the dollar in Mexico can fluctuate on a regular basis, the exchange rates here are considerably better than in the rest of Mexico. Below is a guide to exchange rates in Puerto Vallarta.

Despite the competitive exchange rates in Puerto Vallarta, you should still carry enough cash to cover your expenses. While there are numerous ATMs in town, you should make sure to make contact with each one to confirm hours of operation and exchange rates. Some banks and ATMs only exchange local money; make sure to check first before utilizing their services. While you may be tempted to carry US currency, remember that the peso is the king of Mexico.

ATMs are a convenient way to withdraw cash while traveling in Mexico. While many hotels offer decent exchange rates, most travelers find the best rates at a local ATM. It’s easy to exchange a small amount at your hotel, then compare rates at an ATM to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Then, make sure you have plenty of time. If you’re in a hurry, it may be a good idea to use a debit card or credit card instead of cash. It’s better than relying on a foreign currency.

When using the ATMs in Puerto Vallarta, it’s best to use your ATM instead of a bank. They generally offer better exchange rates, which is why they’re more convenient and oftentimes faster than banks. You can also visit a «Casa de Cambio,» which is an exchanger, which is an institution where you can exchange your dollars for pesos. By paying in pesos instead of dollars, you can stretch your vacation funds and get a better exchange rate.

Wire transfer services

If you have a large amount of money to send or receive, you may need to use wire transfer services in Puerto Vallarta. Many establishments accept credit cards and other international currencies. The exchange rate is slightly less than the average in the United States, but that helps offset the costs of operating local businesses. Credit cards and debit cards can be a convenient workaround, but these methods usually incur fees in excess of five percent.

There are several wire transfer services available in Puerto Vallarta, including Bancomer, which has an extensive network of locations in Mexico. You can also use Wells Fargo to send money to Mexico. The cost of using this service is $3.99 per transfer and only $10 per wire transfer. Banamex will automatically open an account for the recipient. The entire process takes anywhere from one to five days, depending on the amount and the bank.

Whether you prefer to use a bank or a wire transfer service, make sure you have a bank account in the country you’re visiting. If you don’t, Western Union will eat up a significant portion of your cash. But if you have a reliable bank account, you can send cash or use a credit card. And since there are zero ATM fees in Mexico, you don’t need to worry about paying commission fees.

For those who prefer not to wait until the airport to send money, a wire transfer to the island is an easy and convenient way to send money. Wire transfer services in Puerto Vallarta are also easier to use than using an exchange booth or bank. They offer low fees, convenient cash pickup, and no upfront fees. There are two types of wire transfer services in Puerto Vallarta: online and offline. Both methods charge small fees.

Cancun is more glamorous than Puerto Vallarta, but which is better? There are many benefits to both, from cheaper prices to better beaches. Here’s a look at what you should know before you book your next trip to Cancun. In addition, find out which one is home to more whales! You’ll be surprised to learn that Cancun is also home to many more hotels.

Cancun is more glamorous

In terms of beauty, both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta have beautiful beaches, but the former is definitely more glamorous. Both offer a tropical experience, but can be a little pricy. However, if you love exploring different cultures and gastronomy, Cancun is probably the better choice. For your next vacation, you might want to try both. Here are a few reasons why.

Cancun is the party capital of Mexico and is full of high-rise hotels, while Puerto Vallarta has a more modest feel with smaller homes and local shops. However, if you’re looking for a truly authentic Mexican experience, Puerto Vallarta is a great choice. The city is full of quaint architecture, authentic Mexican cuisine, and boutiques, so you can experience the local culture.

Both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta offer world-class amenities and attractions. While both are equally glamorous, they have their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition to offering more entertainment, Puerto Vallarta offers more history. For retirees, Puerto Vallarta is a much more friendly and diverse community. Generally, Cancun attracts people who want to use their timeshares. It’s a good option for families, especially families.

Compared to Puerto Vallarta, Cancun has better beaches. The Caribbean beaches are famous for their white powder sand and turquoise waters. While the beaches of Puerto Vallarta are gorgeous, most people prefer the Caribbean ones. And Cancun has better nightlife. You’ll find a better nightlife in Cancun than Puerto Vallarta. The main drawback is the high price of accommodation.

Cancun is cheaper

While the cost of accommodations in Cancun is considerably higher than that of Puerto Vallarta, the resorts there are still much more affordable than those in the Riviera Maya. Even a two-night stay in an all-inclusive hotel can be less than $40 per person. The only thing that could make a trip to Cancun more expensive is the high cost of luxury hotels. The average cost of an all-inclusive hotel in Cancun is $33 for a single traveler, or 70 dollars for a couple or a family. Unlike Puerto Vallarta, Cancun is also cheaper for digital nomads, who can live in this city for a much lower cost than most of the rest of Mexico.

The cost of living in Cancun is also cheaper than in Puerto Vallarta, as both have similar temperatures. You can still find cheap tacos, but inland, the cost of living is higher. Similarly, you can find upscale shopping malls and flashy tourist shops, but you may have to spend more to enjoy them. So, it’s best to consider staying in Cancun if you can afford to spend more than you’d pay for similar amenities in Puerto Vallarta.

Both destinations offer great beaches and plenty of entertainment options, but Cancun has the edge in terms of budget-conscious travelers. Compared to Puerto Vallarta, Cancun is quieter and a more affordable choice for the budget-conscious traveler. The prices vary a lot depending on the time of year and current events. Aside from the cost of food and accommodation, there are also many more all-inclusive options in Cancun.

Cancun has better beaches

It’s a question that a lot of people ask themselves: do Cancun’s beaches have better quality? The answer is a resounding «no.» While Cancun does have some nicer beaches, it is far more commercialized and Americanized than its neighbor Puerto Vallarta. That said, there is still something to be found in Cancun that makes it stand out among Mexican destinations. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing between the two.

One of the biggest attractions of Cancun are its white-sand beaches. The water surrounding these beaches is relatively warm compared to other parts of Mexico, making them ideal for novices and experienced swimmers alike. Aside from the beaches, Cancun also boasts an archeological zone and an underwater museum. The city also has no shortage of water sports and spectacular sunsets. So, which is better?

Aside from being on the Caribbean coast, Cancun has the best water. The glistening water is bluer in Cancun than in Puerto Vallarta. This is especially true of the northern tip of the island, where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean sea. The airport in Cancun is also within easy reach of many tourist hotspots. While Puerto Vallarta has a nice climate and plenty of things to do, there are a lot of advantages to Cancun’s beaches.

While Cancun’s beaches are picture perfect, its nightlife is perhaps its biggest draw. It boasts excellent restaurants and a thriving nightlife scene. You can even get a cheap beer at one of the nightclubs — Cancun’s nightlife is second only to Las Vegas. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to visit the surrounding tourist attractions. For example, you can visit nearby Mayan ruins to see the incredible structures. Or, you can take a half-hour ferry ride to the island of Isla Mujeres, where you can snorkel with whale sharks.

Cancun has more whales

You may be wondering, «Does Cancun have more whales than Puerto Vallarta?» It turns out, the answer is a resounding yes! The gray whale, found in the warm waters of Mexico, migrates from the northern reaches of North America to the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Whales are spotted all around the coast of Mexico, and you can enjoy a tour with marine biologists on board. Several sightings occurred during our whale watching tours.

The water is crystal clear and often warmer than in Puerto Vallarta. You may even see whale sharks! You’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel with the majestic creatures in the Mesoamerican Reef, which is over 700 miles long. And while the water in Cancun is typically warmer than in Puerto Vallarta, it is still cold enough to see them. But even without whales, the ocean is still a gorgeous place to visit, whether it’s for a romantic getaway or to spend the day with family and friends.

During the winter months, humpback whales arrive in the Bay of Banderas. Once the winter’s over, the whales spout from the ocean, leaping upward, and crashing back down with a crash. The sheer beauty of the scene makes whale watching an emotional experience that should not be missed. However, the best time to see whales is from December through March.

Visiting the waters near Cancun will allow you to see the humpback whales that migrate to the coast to give birth. The natural shape of the bay provides protection to calves and mothers, allowing the mothers to give birth while the calves survive their rough start in life. Because the whales do not feed in Puerto Vallarta, you’re more likely to see the mothers and calves together. During the summer months in the US, they feed regularly to build their strength for the long winter months.

Puerto Vallarta has beautiful hotels

While Cancun is famous for its resorts and nightlife, Puerto Vallarta is more laidback. You can explore the city’s Old Town, check out local markets and art galleries, and stroll along the charming boardwalk. The town is the LGBTQ capital of Mexico and has spectacular mountain backdrops. You can visit the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, or hike up to the Mirador el Cerro de la Cruz for panoramic views. You can also visit the Isla Cuale, which has a small cultural museum and art galleries.

When comparing Cancun’s hotels with Puerto Vallarta’s, it’s important to consider how much of a difference you’d like. While Cancun’s beachfront resorts may be more picturesque, Puerto Vallarta offers more authentic food and dining options. For example, you can try a local restaurant for some authentic Mexican food instead of ordering a chain restaurant.

Both cities have their own distinct attractions, but the main attractions in both areas are similar. Cancun’s vibrant nightlife is centered around its beachfront, and you can visit historic ruins and museums. Both cities have beautiful beaches and party scenes, and you can easily find a hotel that suits your needs. The price range between these two cities is wildly varied, so you’ll likely need to shop around a bit to find the perfect spot.

While Cancun is more expensive, Puerto Vallarta is definitely a more affordable alternative. You can find beer for $2 in the romantic district, and a five-course meal at a nice restaurant will cost less than $15. Also, hotels in Puerto Vallarta are not as expensive as those in Cancun. You can also find many boutique hotels and Airbnb rentals in the city center. There are plenty of gay-friendly hotels in the city center, and there are also LGBTQ+-friendly properties.

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