What is the Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

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There are many reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta during the fall. For one thing, the weather is perfect during this time of year. It’s still warm enough for beach vacations, but it’s not too hot to cause too much trouble with your vacation savings. Moreover, the weather is much cooler during the shoulder seasons, making them the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful city while taking advantage of a discount travel deal.

In general, fall is one of the most pleasant times to visit Puerto Vallarta, as it offers mild temperatures, low humidity, and fewer rain showers. Fall also allows visitors to enjoy the gorgeous Sierra Madre Mountains and its green surroundings. However, if you plan to visit the town during the rainy season, you might want to consider going in October or November. You’ll find that fall is also the best time to visit the town if you want to enjoy the colorful leaves and colorful foliage.

Hurricane season can occasionally reach Puerto Vallarta. However, few hurricanes enter the Bay of Banderas and cause damage. Even so, you can enjoy the beach while watching thunderstorms. Although the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta lasts for several months, it still brings rain. In September, the city experiences the most precipitation, with 340 mm (13.4 in) of rainfall per month.

Autumn is one of the cheapest times to travel to Mexico. Fall is also the most colorful and inexpensive time to visit the city. During this time, Mexicans celebrate their Independence Day on September 16 and Dia de Muertos on the first few days of November. Additionally, Halloween is also celebrated here. The city is full of festive restaurants and bars that cater to gringos. During this time, you can expect to save a lot on airfare to Mexico.


If you are thinking about traveling to Puerto Vallarta during winter, you will want to know the weather forecast. The average temperature and rainfall are included in the monthly and annual averages for the area. The average rainfall for the city is 42 inches, and it can be as low as 1.4 inches in January or February. During summer months, the area is hot and sunny, and in winter, the temperature can fall to the low 60s.

The weather in January and February is still warm enough for most people to enjoy a vacation, but temperatures may be cooler. Typical daytime temperatures range from 29degF to 86degF, and there are occasional tropical storms in November and December. While the average temperature is still warm enough for outdoor activities in the winter, lows are only 69 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes wintertime a great time to visit.

The climate of the area is perfect for surfing. If you have a surfboard, there are many opportunities to learn how to catch a wave in the bays around Puerto Vallarta. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, you might want to consider visiting Manzanillo, a small town south of the city, where you can learn to surf. The waves are good there, but beware of the swell! Alternatively, you can check out the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and rent a board.

Although the climate is pleasant in winter, the weather in Puerto Vallarta isn’t quite as mild as in other parts of the world. Although temperatures may drop to seventy degrees Fahrenheit, the average temperature remains high throughout the winter. The city is also an Instagram-friendly destination. There are plenty of traditional markets in the area featuring fish mongers and fruit stands, along with a wide variety of other foods and beverages.


For many visitors, summer is the perfect time to visit Puerto Vallarta. The temperatures in summer are very pleasant and the warm water is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Summer months also bring beautiful weather and lush vegetation to the Garza Blanca Preserve, mountains, and waterfalls. Unlike winter, when the weather can be unpredictable, summer in Puerto Vallarta is usually quite pleasant. You can even plan a romantic vacation during the summer months.

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The weather in the summer months is generally hot and sunny, with highs around 33degC. However, the days can also be overcast. However, the mild weather makes it a great time to visit the beach and take advantage of the resort pools. During these months, you can also take advantage of excellent deals on flights and hotel rooms. During these months, whale migration is also a popular activity in Puerto Vallarta, and the weather in the area is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

For those looking for an alternative summer festival, there are several activities to consider. There are two major festivals in the city each year. The Puerto Vallarta Taco Festival brings together the city’s best taco restaurants, as well as live music, dance, and lucha libre. Both events are held at the Kupuri Beach Club, and they are open to the public. You can also attend the National Charro Day, which is celebrated on September 14th. This event is a fun family-oriented event and includes a parade of charro down the Malecon. There is also a street party and mariachi music, which make for a fantastic evening.

Another great time to visit Puerto Vallarta is during June, when the average temperature hovers in the mid-80s. The water temperature is warm enough for most water activities, including swimming and diving. You’ll also be able to see the local species. In addition, the rainy season doesn’t begin until later in June, so the temperature isn’t nearly as hot as in the other months. There’s no need to pack your raincoat just yet — the rainy season will be over before you know it.

Rainy season

The summer months in Puerto Vallarta are very hot and humid. The midday temperature usually hovers around 81 degrees, with only one hour of cooler weather each day. By midday, it’s like living in a cheesecake! Walk around during the day and you’ll sweat profusely. It’s the best time to visit this sunny resort city, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re considering visiting the coastal city, late spring and early fall may be worth a look.

If you want to get away from the high-season crowds and price tags, consider visiting during the rainy season. High-season temperatures are high, and most activities are sold out, so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment. Also, you’ll find that you can walk into any restaurant in Puerto Vallarta without having to wait for a table. However, keep in mind that the weather in Puerto Vallarta can vary significantly from day to day. Because of the climate, you’ll want to plan your itinerary around the weather.

If you can avoid the rainy season, you should consider visiting in June. The average temperature is in the mid-80s, which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. It’s also a good time to view wildlife and enjoy the culture of the region. Even if it rains, the temperature is still comfortable and pleasant enough for most activities. And the rainy season doesn’t begin until the later part of June.

The peak season is September. This is the wettest month in the city, and temperatures and humidity drop in October and November. After the rainy season, the temperatures start to rise again. November is when crowds begin to pick up. If you go during this time, be sure to book early. The beach is most beautiful during this month, but it is expensive to watch whales.

Hurricane season

When is the best time to visit Puerto Vallart? While the weather is generally sunny and pleasant in Puerto Vallarta during hurricane season, the city does occasionally experience heavy rainfall. While most of the rainfall in the city occurs in the late afternoon, it is possible to take advantage of the calm ocean waters in the early morning hours. Once the sun starts to set, scattered showers are likely to pass through, leaving the city with a pleasant, breezy climate.

When is the hurricane season? Hurricane season is June to October. Despite the name, the city is protected by the geography of the Bay of Banderas. Heavy rainfall may pose a threat, but it is not harmful for tourists. The average rainfall is 340 mm (13.4 inches) per month. During the hurricane season, the city is often less crowded and the weather is milder.

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In addition to the hurricane season, spring breakers and national tourists flock to the beach in April and May. As a result, restaurants and bars will be packed. If you’d prefer to rub elbows with the locals, the best time to visit is during the quieter months. However, it’s still important to remember that Puerto Vallarta is a popular vacation spot year-round and can have high crowds.

Whether or not the weather is ideal for vacationing depends on your preferences. During the winter months, temperatures remain above 80degF. During the summer, however, it’s hot and humid, with afternoon showers. But don’t be afraid to go swimming during this time. This is also the best time for whale-watching, but you’ll have to pay astronomical travel fares during peak whale-watching season.

If you’re thinking of vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, you might be wondering if it’s a safe place to spend your vacation dollars. There is no need to worry, though! Puerto Vallarta is a very safe city. Crime is rare, and police are visible in the streets. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe while visiting Puerto Vallarta:

Common sense

Although you’ll rarely hear any violence or crime in Puerto Vallarta, you should still exercise some common sense and safety precautions. While you’ll find few criminal acts, petty thefts, and home invasions occur occasionally. It’s always a good idea to use common sense when traveling anywhere, but the following are some general guidelines that will keep you safe. The United States State Department offers updated information about traveling in Mexico, and the Government of Canada offers travel warnings and recommendations.

Always keep your belongings safe, and don’t flash cash or expensive jewelry. Keep copies of your passport and other important documents in a hotel safe. If you’re traveling alone, stay with a group of friends and don’t leave anything valuable lying around on a beach. While most of Mexico is safe, you should still follow common sense when you’re in a foreign country. For instance, don’t walk alone at night. Stay in areas with plenty of light.

While crime rates in Puerto Vallarta are very low compared to other major cities in the U.S., you’ll still need to use common sense while out and about. Although it’s rare to find violent crime in the area, there’s always the potential for a pickpocket. In general, crime in the area is low and mostly petty. Use common sense when traveling to Puerto Vallarta, and you’ll enjoy yourself in this Mexican paradise!

While it’s possible to consume tap water in Puerto Vallarta, it’s best to stick to filtered varieties. Although it’s not recommended, you may want to drink bottled water if you’re worried about poisoning yourself or your loved ones. There are many places to buy bottled water, but most travelers opt to drink bottled water when they’re out and about. A bottle of water is available everywhere in the city, and the U.S. State Department has issued travel warnings for various parts of Mexico.

Strong police presence

There are many reasons to stay safe while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. One of these is a strong police presence. Several issues surrounding security are addressed by the city’s police force, including a large military presence and a focus on the safety of tourists. The city also boasts an excellent fire department, which is well-equipped to handle any emergency. Additionally, hotel staff is trained to respond to natural disasters.

The city of Puerto Vallarta has a strong police presence, especially in tourist areas. The city also has a relatively low number of recorded crimes. This is not to say that the city is completely safe, though. Crime has historically been low in Puerto Vallarta, and the city has experienced two high-profile cases of violence. In one instance, drug cartel gunmen abducted two off-duty female soldiers and released them after more than 15 hours. Another case involved the death of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel leader Saul «N» ‘El Chopas,’ who was suspected of killing the former governor of Jalisco, Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval. The Army was called to the scene and killed the suspects.

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Despite the presence of a heavy police presence, criminal activity has increased. While few shootings or violent crimes affect tourists, some incidents involve gang members. Especially in southern Veracruz, there has been increased gang activity and impromptu roadblocks that require payment. As a result, U.S. government employees should take extra caution while traveling to the area. In addition to crime, violent crimes are common in Vallarta.

Less recorded crime

When traveling to Mexico, it’s important to understand how safe a particular destination is. Although the country’s record for crime may seem scary to some, it’s actually much safer than many people think. While you should always be respectful of the locals, this destination is also a safe option for those who don’t mind a little risk. Although there are a few crimes that are more common in many parts of Mexico, less recorded crime in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a good option.

In spite of Mexico’s laws against gun possession, there is still crime in Mexico. An ex-governor of the Jalisco state was shot in a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in December 2020. He was on vacation, and a possible target. In the meantime, crime in Mexico is much lower than it is in the U.S. Despite the high crime rate, this destination remains one of the safest in Mexico.

Because of the relatively safe environment in Puerto Vallarta, crime statistics show that the city has fewer crimes than many rural areas in the US. As a result, it is a popular vacation spot. In addition to the low rate of crime, it also has a low number of hotels and restaurants, which makes it the perfect choice for families and those looking for an inexpensive place to live. There is even less crime than in many large US cities, which is great news for the safety of vacationers.

While there are still crimes in Puerto Vallarta, they are extremely rare compared to many popular destinations in the United States. Although the United States is notorious for violent crimes, crime in Puerto Vallarta is very low. In addition, the amount of crime reported is not violent and almost exclusively pertains to public drunkenness. So, if you’re planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, you should be aware of these issues and be vigilant.

Uber is safe in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re wondering whether Uber is safe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it’s important to know what to do to stay safe while using this service. While you can’t be 100% sure that an Uber driver is honest and reliable, it’s generally safe to use. You can even order one from your hotel while connected to the internet. Just be aware that if you do get ripped off, you can report the incident to local authorities.

While Uber is safe in Puerto Vallarta, it is never a good idea to take it as your sole mode of transportation in the city. While it is more reliable than a taxi, you should always double check the car’s license plate and make sure that the driver is actually who they claim to be before taking you anywhere. Also, keep in mind that a cab in Puerto Vallarta isn’t necessarily a safe option, and you could end up waiting 15 minutes or longer to get a ride.

While the area is well-lit and safe to walk around, there are risks of losing money. This could ruin an otherwise perfect trip. It’s important to use Uber when traveling, because the service tracks users and keeps track of their location. You can also use it to share your location, which makes it safe and cheaper than other modes of transportation. However, you should be aware that crime rates in Puerto Vallarta are lower than in other popular US cities.

Although Uber is more expensive than white taxis, the price of the ride is still reasonable — usually about US$25 — US$45. That’s considerably cheaper than airport taxis — but there are still some precautions you should take. Also, you should keep in mind that there’s no Uber inside the airport, so you’ll need to wait outside. This is important if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Pickpocketing in Costco or Walmart

While you’re at a Costco or Walmart in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you should keep an eye out for pickpockets. These criminals generally act in groups, usually with at least four people, and they target elderly people. Pickpockets tend to stain the victims’ clothing, often acting as if they want to help. After stealing their wallet or purse, they usually run off with their victim’s money. You’ll probably experience a pickpocketing in one of these stores.

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