The Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

When you visit Puerto Vallarta, you can visit the many beaches in the area. Some of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta are Playa Camarones, Playa Los Muertos, Playa Caballo, and Conchas Chinas. But if you want a more relaxed beach experience, there are many options outside of town as well. If you want to spend more time on the beach, you can try the beaches near the city center.

Playa Caballo

For those who enjoy the quiet and natural environment of a beach, Playa Caballo is a perfect choice. Its fine sand and regular oleaje make it an ideal location for swimming and other acuatic activities. You can also spend some time relaxing with your family at this quiet beach. Despite its popularity, Playa Caballo is relatively untouched, which makes it a perfect place for a romantic getaway.

This secluded beach is located just 18 km south of Puerto Vallarta and is backed by a lush jungle. Its powdery golden sand is soft and inviting, and the turquoise waters gently lap against the shore. Several beach bungalow-style resorts are nearby, but the beach is pristine and undeveloped. Even if it is the only beach in town, you can find total solitude here.

To reach the beach, you can take a water taxi from Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan. Once at the beach, the water taxi will drop you off at the Playa Caballo beach. Alternatively, you can hike to Playa Caballo. To get there, you can take a water taxi from Playa Los Muertos or Boca de Tomatlan. To reach Playa Caballo, head north past the Hotelito Mio. You’ll find a trail that leads through jungle that takes you near Caballo beach.

Playa Conchas Chinas

The quaint and charming Hotel Playa Conchas Chinas is ideally located for a romantic getaway to Puerto Vallarta. Its Colonial style and pristine beaches offer the perfect backdrop for unforgettable sunsets. Just a 5-minute drive from downtown Puerto Vallarta, this charming hotel offers stylish accommodations and a convenient location for exploring the city. Listed among the top hotels in the area, this charming property features a rooftop terrace, an outdoor pool, a Jacuzzi, and a children’s pool.

This beach is unspoiled and has no elevators, but it is one of the most beautiful in the area. It also has a gorgeous natural tide pool, teeming with colorful sea creatures and a variety of fish. The calm, serene water makes it a great place for snorkeling and relaxing. It is ideal for children and has no restrictions on the number of people who can enjoy it.

For dining, you can find a great selection of restaurants on the beachfront at Conchas Chinas. There are a number of restaurants offering Mexican fare and drinks. Many of these restaurants offer ocean views, while others are open to the public. However, there are some complaints about the cleanliness of some rooms, and some bathrooms smell like sewage. If you’re looking for fine dining, you’ll need to leave the hotel and head to a more upscale restaurant.

Playa Los Muertos

The name of the beach, Playa Los Muertos, means «Beach of the Dead,» but no one knows exactly how to translate it. The name is based on the fact that pirates used to attack the area’s native population and kill them, leaving their bodies along the beachfront. The area is now filled with hustle and bustle, and the cemetery has been moved to a historic cemetery in the Cinco de Diciembre neighborhood.

The location of Playa Los Muertos is a good one — it’s right by Zona Romantica, where many of the hotels and restaurants are. There are many activities to enjoy, such as shopping, dining, and drinking. If you’re looking to relax, you can rent beach chairs. You can find some great beach bars right by the water, and Swell Beach Bar is a favorite. The drinks are cheap, and the service is quick.

When visiting Los Muertos, bring plenty of sunscreen, a sun hat, and a towel. You can hire a taxi from a variety of locations throughout the PV area. Uber is an especially popular service. If you want to avoid the hassle of hailing a taxi, you can take the bus from several spots in town. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to get around and is very convenient for tourists.

Playa Camarones

Playa Camarones is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is a prime stretch of sand that is located off of the downtown boardwalk. The beach offers numerous amenities, such as umbrellas, shades, and chairs to rent. There is also a bicycle path and a great amount of space for sunbathing. In addition, Playa Camarones has Blue Flag certification.

There are many things to do in Playa Camarones, including shopping for Mexican souvenirs and enjoying the pristine beaches. You can stroll along the Malecon, a 2000-foot walkway that begins at Villa Premiere and ends at the base of a cliff, where you can see the «The Millenia» sculpture. You can also dine at one of several local restaurants, including La Palapa Restaurant, Vista Grill on the Beach, and Derby City Burgers.

The first event on the 2016 FIVB World Tour was the FIVB Puerto Vallarta Open, held on a purpose-built event site on Playa Camarones. The event was held for the sixth time for both men and women. The top-three teams in each gender shared $11,000 in prize money. The silver and bronze medalists shared $8000, while fourth-place teams took home $4500 each and received 350 ranking points.

Playa Camarones is a resort-adjacent destination

Located in the resort-adjacent area of Puerto Vallarta, Playa Camarones is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. This pristine beach, which is the largest in the resort area, has no vendors or crowds. There is a wide selection of restaurants and water sports on the beach, including snorkeling, paddleboarding, and banana boat excursions. Playa Camarones is also within walking distance of the town center.

The pristine, white sand beaches of Playa Camarones are ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving, or beach combing. There is also a waterfall nearby for fresh water enjoyment. While visiting this pristine beach, make sure to spend time in the surrounding jungle for a breathtaking view of the bay. There is also good fishing and crocodile watching in the area.

While visiting Playa Camarones, be sure to take a trip to Sheraton Beach, the area’s only Blue Flag-certified beach. Located just south of the hotel zone, Playa Camarones is a perfect spot for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. If you have time, consider visiting Plaza Marina and a few of the nearby boutiques and restaurants.

Playa Camarones has beautiful sand

If you’re looking for a perfect beach in Puerto Vallarta for a family vacation, you should try Playa Camarones. Located right in the hotel zone, it is popular among locals and visitors alike. This beach is renowned for its water sports activities. If you’re looking for something a bit different, try banana boat excursions or paddleboarding. It’s just a short walk from the town center.

You can find several great restaurants and bars near this beach. It’s a popular spot for shore fishing, and there are many speed boats that offer banana boat rides and parachute rides. Jet skis are also available to rent. The area is also conducive to relaxing walks along the beach. You might even come across a fresh coconut vendor. It’s easy to find something to eat and drink on this beach in Puerto Vallarta.

A beach near the town center, Playa de los Muertos is ideal for day trips. The pier juts 180 feet into the Pacific and is a great place for families to relax. The pier is also great for people watching. The beach is packed with people watching and enjoying the sunset. It’s also a good place to enjoy a cocktail.

Playa Los Muertos is a surfing beach

If you love to surf, you will want to head to the city’s Playa Los Muertos beach. Located in the romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta, this beach is popular year-round. However, winter is the busiest time for the beach, so you may want to arrive early to beat the crowds. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll want to make sure to reserve a spot in advance, as street parking is very limited. Also, you’ll want to check out the newly reconstructed pier, as this is where many cruise ships dock each day.

Before the modern-day beach was developed, the beach was a sacred place for the local Indians. The locals dug up the dead and buried them in ceramic pots on the beach. Many tourists who came to this Mexican beach have an idea of how these people spent their time. Some locals say that they would rent dug-out canoes to kids and sell coconuts and «raicilla» in palapas on the beach. In addition, they would sell soft drinks and «raicilla» from the palapas. The manzanilla tree on the beach was one of the main sources of shade for most visitors, and swimmers would often develop a severe rash from its leaves.

Although the name «Beach of the Dead» implies a peaceful and quiet place, Playa Los Muertos is infamous for its nightlife. Hundreds of clubs, bars, and nightclubs dot the coastline, but many locals call it the «Beach of the Dead» for its party atmosphere. In addition to surf, there’s also hiking to explore the surrounding mountains. Many hotels offer tours that will take you through this scenery and beyond.

When it comes to a beach vacation, the world is your oyster. Whether you’re looking for a secluded island where you can unplug from the world and enjoy complete isolation, or an expansive reef system where you can snorkel for hours, there are many beaches that must be seen before you die. But which beaches can you find at the end of the list? Which ones will be unique to you?

Top 50 places to visit before you die

The world is full of man-made and natural wonders. We can marvel at unique cultures and beautiful nature. But where can we begin to list the places we must see before we die? Here are five of the top destinations to visit. All of these places are bursting with beauty and uniqueness. Discover them all to make your life more meaningful. If you have the time, plan a trip to one of these places before you die.

Beaches around the world

There are hundreds of beautiful beaches across the globe. While some are must-see destinations, there are others that are so beautiful they can’t be described in a single sentence. If you want to experience true beauty, consider traveling to one of these beaches before you die. The list below includes beaches from around the world that you simply have to see. Here are a few of them:

Favorite beach resorts

Whether you are a sun worshipper or just want a peaceful escape, there are some beautiful beaches in the world. Warm, white sand beaches are close at hand and there’s no need to get a passport to visit one of these laid-back getaways. You can find them in many different countries, including the United States. But which ones are the best? Read on to discover some of the best beach vacations around the world.

Unique beach destinations

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with the penguins, or simply spend a day relaxing in the sun, you need to visit one of these unique beach destinations before you die. This beach in Cape Town, South Africa, is home to over two thousand endangered African penguins. The beaches are protected marine reserves, making them a haven from the elements. Big Sur’s Pfeiffer Beach is another unique beach destination. Patches of purple sand are formed by deposits of manganese garnet. You can’t swim barefoot here, but it is perfect for climbing rock formations.

You’ve probably heard about the beaches in Australia, but if you’re looking for a truly unique beach location, try going to Australia or New Zealand. Sydney’s beaches are magical. And while there are so many beach destinations in the world, Sydney has some of the best. Its beaches have a unique combination of scenery and beach features that make them truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a tropical island or an exotic beach in the Pacific, you’ll find a perfect vacation spot in this amazing country.

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