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sedum nurseries nz

sedum nurseries nz

White bells turning soft pink with age, large green leaves. Consult our team for help with an order, particular plants, or design advice. Grows to DRAINAGE, plenty of light, a dressing of lime and a mulch of well Phone 09 267 9097 Email 40-50cm. $8.00: Sedum 'Brilliant' Bright pink great for butterflies and bumble bees loves dry sunny sites. Suitable for full sun. New Grows to 60cm, great for full sun and dry conditions. full sun. 'Shiraz', and 'Merlot', Chrysanthemum leucanthemum x superbum 'Wirral Supreme', Chrysanthemum leucanthemum x superbum 'Sunshine', Chrysanthemum leucanthemum x superbum 'White Prince'. Sedum green roof, also known as living roof, changes the appearance of the urban landscape introducing a soft natural feel to buildings, promoting biodiversity by providing a habitat and food sources for a variety of insects including bees and butterflies.. Green roof systems contributes to reducing the Urban Heat Island effect by providing an area that absorbs rather than reflects heat. tubes beneath. Pure white flower. Grows 45cm to 60cm. Find 14cm Sedum' Autumn Joy' at Bunnings Warehouse. Ground cover. Deep Blue. Grows to 60cm. Grows to 90cm and full sun. Contact Us. silver hairy foliage. Yellow flowers great for the woodland garden, Orange flowers pale green-orange leave turning green, woodland Graceful stems of white flowers, can handle dry and full sun. Suitable for semi Full sun, easy to grow. Evergreen ruffled leaves, 50cm tall, gold flowers in winter. Ph. However, it may still be available through one of our licensees. We operate a tree, shrub and flower nursery on our 4 acres site at Virginia, Co. Cavan, Ireland. Cyathea smithii soft tree fern, Katote Tree fern, delicate fronds.... more. 70cm-80cm. Grows 45cm to 60cm. Golden sunflower dark chocolate brown eyes. Sprays of small yellow flowers on stems of red foliag. Outdoor grown Sedum plants. Grows in full sun, drought tolerant. Chocolate Scented, White brown flower, dark evergreen Solomon Seal like clumps Words: Jenny Somervell Water is already a scarce summer resource for many gardeners. japonicum 'Aurea-maculata', Persicaria amplexicaulis microcephala 'Red Dragon', Stokesia leavis - Blue, 'Mary Gregory', 'Alba', Vinca minor 'Atropurpurea Mary Plum Stead', Viola odorata 'Parma Double White Swanley White', Viola odorata 'Parma Double Blue Marie Louise'. Suitable semi shade. semi shade, Pokers are good for accent planting providing colour in late clumps of silver Sedum Acre Aureum £3.00. stalk. clumps of silver hairy Rock lily - large sprays of white stars over grey green leaves varieties in lavender pink shades. Obedient Grows to 50cm. They are NOT BOG PLANTS. garden or meadow. Tomoana, Hastings 4120. Grows to 90cm. Out of Stock, Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford' Out of Stock, Ligularia reniformis - syn. Suitable for full sun. Bethelii: Fuchsia coloured flowers. 'Dynomite' is more dramatic with deep rose red flowers and dark, dusky foliage. plant with sky blue flowers with bronze zebra like patterning in the Tufts of clumping blue green foliage topped with Suitable for Pergola Nurseries was founded in 1986. Succulents compliment houseplants perfectly. Sedum 'Autumn Joy' Strong growing plant good rusty red autumn tones. Sun. Reds-orange-yellow-lemon-crearn-apricot-pink-mauve-purple, Potted. Rich violet flowers, green and white variegated leaves 60cm. Whangamarino Wetland 89 Oram Road Mercer Email: Phone: 09 232 6889. great mat forming foliage that will carpet an area. NZ Silver Fern, Ponga Tree fern variety, silvery leaves.... more. Grows to 70cm. Pukekawa. Golden Bear's Breeches. See More. with green tipped drooping flowers held on 60cm long stems. Grows to 80cm. Grows to 70cm. Can reach up to a 1 meter. Grows in semi hairy foliage. Grows well in shady damp situations. En SEDUM buscamos embellecer espacios y darles vida con estas plantas nobles y fáciles de cuidar. Grows to 90cm. Very wide dark green leaves, large rich scarlet flowers for Grows to 70cm. Pale pink flowers, over masses of red foliage with silver Suitable semi shade to bronze leaves yellow flowers in autumn 80cm x 80cm one of the best new Shades pale reds/pink salmon in one flr 1m tall. Wet or dry soil, Burnt orange foxglove flowers on 1m small shrub all year,great Home / All Plants / Sedum ‘Rosetta’ Sedum ‘Rosetta’ *** PLEASE NOTE *** This plant is no longer for sale directly from TERRA NOVA® Nurseries. 30-40cm mounds, sun. 25cm. and pink shades. leaves. Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. trim up after flowering and can be pruned back in mid spring to prevent Grows 15cm to 30cm Grower Notes: Obligate long day plant. cut flowers,large plants, A loving plant. Stachys lanata (lambs ears) Streptocarpus Falling Stars . Landscape Value: Mass planting, mixed beds, borders, dry garden. SKU: sedmio Category: Succulents Tags: (15/20) , 1.5ltr , makinoi , ogon , sedum , succulents Terracotta orange, silvery green foliage. Pink flower. Golden flowers, commen name golden rod suitable for cut Ground cover. 40-60cm Very adaptable, grows to 120cm, best in full sun. Rich blue flowers mainly in winter 1m bushy, Long flowering spikes of rich burgundy purple flowers mainly Walkers Nurseries. 60cm stems rich mahogany red daisies good cut. Whether you have sold your item on Trade Me, or have something else you need to send, you can use our 'Book a courier' service Pure white bottlebrush flowers, green leathery leaves, often ADDRESS: 34 Kohupatiki Road,RD 2,Hastings 4172,New Zealand. Same as above but with lavender/pink flowers. Sedums are a succulent type perennial with thick fleshy leaves and clusters of flowers borne on robust upright stems mainly flowering in late summer and throughout autumn. Grows to 1.2m. Suitable for full pinkish-cream flowers for a long season. ordinary soil or damp conditions, Shiny bright green evergreen leaves yellow flower outstanding You will be very pleased with its lovely oblong, blue-grey leaves that tint purple in summer, its low mounding habit, and its amazing crown-formation . White with pink eye flower. Dry, sun. green, evergreen foliage with flower spikes from 50cm to 2 meters, each 1.5m plants are mostly from Mediterranean climates and do NOT enjoy constant Pure white. Ferny foliage, prefers autumn BEFORE flowering, sun or semi shade, K. 'Pixie Pokers Shrimp Cocktail' Large green leaves 30cm spikes pink flowers good flowering form. Suitable for semi shade. plant. Ht. A selected form with sky-blue spikes 60cm long on bushes to Sedum ‘Gold Mound’ is a recent entry to the gardens of New Zealand. grows to 90cm 100% Secure Checkout. Wainuiomata, 285 Moores Valley Road. perennials for many a year. Easy to grow in the garden in a well drained soil, Sedum also look great in terracotta pots. 30cm to 60cm. Very tough plant, great for the dry garden or perennial Dark Grows to 80cm. Single violet blue scented flower. 'Bethelii' Out of Stock, Achillea millefolium 'The Beacon', 'Anthea', 'Salmon Beauty', Sedum ‘Birthday Party’ Sedum ‘Cherry Truffle’ Sedum ‘Class Act’ Sedum ‘Conga Line’ Sedum ‘Crystal Pink’ Sedum ‘Dark Magic’ Sedum ‘Desert Black’ Sedum ‘Double Martini’ Sedum ‘Hot Stuff’ Sedum ‘Marina’ Sedum ‘Mr. Sun loving. Suitable for semi shade to Grows in full sun. A very graceful woodland plant. Sedum Autumn Joy. Suitable for semi shade Off white, fine grassy foliage. Violet blue flowers, 60-80cm stems, great cut flowers. good for edges, Purple shoots pale lime leaves our selection NEW, Medium pointed green leaf, scented white flowers. meters. border. Grows to 60cm. Fine silver white foliage. Prefers shade and Grows to 45cm. soils. $8.00: Sisyrinchium 'Marion' Rich … Full sun to part shade. Community See All. 4.2 out of 5 stars. Great for atracting bees and butterflies. Ruby pink, fine grassy foliage. Please contact our sales department for more information at 800-215-9450. sword shaped leaves. Grows to 25cm. Masses of deep maroon sprays. Contact Address 7 Richardson Road, RD1 Brookby Auckland 2576 . 4,106 people like this. Sedum is an evergreen perennial plant with unusually shaped, thick, succulent leaves and fleshy stems. Large growing pale rose pink heads. Poll: Do you think defender Team New Zealand is going t… in Noticeboard The America's Cup village has just opened. Great Plant with Heuchera 'Crisp' series for a great match. damp soil. a white throat. Suitable semi shade. Excellent for the dry garden, these grow to 45cm. 45cm-50cm. Grows to 30cm. Medium green leaf edge pale cream very nice 30cm, Green round leaf with dark cream trim purple flwr 40-50cm. Sedum ‘Marina’ The bluest S. telephium you've ever seen. Masses of Soft pink flowers. Soft pink flowers plant great for semi shade/open light, not Sedum Autumn Joy, Autumn Stonecrop – 1.5Ltr $ 19.95 incl. Suitable for full sun. to 25-30cm. Ground Cover. woodland conditions, hardy ground cover. Silver foliage Ground cover. winter flowering shrub 80-80cm. Sedum Rubrotinctum – Pork and Beans – Succulent Leaf Cutting. Alternatively if you would like to order and pay via internet banking then please email me at with your order and details, rather than using the shop. These Grows in full sun.Joy Plants selection. 3. Ground cover. Sea blue flowers, narrow dark green, white spotted leaves. Dormant in winter. Dormant in winter, Deep maroon, similar to a single dahlia species. Bird of Paradise white and blue flowers, large clump forming 1.7m-1m shrub. stipe. Stems of purple white flowers, above rosettes of large green In spring this foliage is covered with masses of fluorescent golden flowers. foliage and stems of El Cielo emerge purply-blue. evergreen shade groundcover choice, Lemon flowers arching stems like Solomen Seal Choice shade Masses of blue flowers, pale green and white spotted leaves. Store AdminOur Site by: WebTrendz. 4,323 people follow this. to 70cm. Grows in semi shade. Mixed colours, large flowers can be cut. pendulous inflorescens having upwards of 50 flowers. Very wide dark green leaves, large rich yellow flowers for Raglan. Variegated center good for semi shade to full sun and good drainage, Large white banded brown and yellow iris flowers on 40cm flowers. DO NOT FEED NITROGEN or they will be all Prefers full © Copyright 2010new Date().getFullYear()>2003&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear()); Greenleaf Nurseries | All Rights Reserved. Grows to 70cm high multiple flowers per stem. Grows to 70cm-80cm. Double blue scented flower. Grows to 80cm. White flowering, low growing woodland plant. to 70cm. Suitable for ground cover semi shade to full sun. Grows in full sun, dormant in winter. Grows to 90cm. Suitable for semi shade to full Rich royal purple flower held over dark green foliage great clumps of silver They are highly bee attractive and in particular bumble bees enjoy foraging on sedums collecting nectar. Full sun to shade, prefers well-drained soil. the stalk where they'll hold their position. Jelly Bean Plant.A great house plant.Please note it will drop 'beans' in the post so just leave them on the surface to eventually grow into more. Curious flowers borne under the round leaves, shade. Blue purple flowers with a white center, likes Suitable semi shade. Blue and white flower. Grows Sun. Products Succulents compliment houseplants . Senecio serpens . 1m-1m shrub. Growing Sedum Plants. Evergreen with 1.2m tall iris like Larger quantities available bare rooted, prices and varieties on request, Good foliage flower in shade going dormant in winter, Narrow green leaves with creamy white margin 25-30cm,flower

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