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adventurers can RESERVE the hidden beach snorkeling tour IN OUR WEBSHOP. A secure Payment service protects THE buyers. therefore AN email confirmation ARRIVES immediately after YOUR purchase. Our professional guides can help you find the birds and the best spots on the island. Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Book-now-hidden-beach-marietas

Marietas Eco Discovery Tour.. is about getting everyone out in the sea and exploring the beauty and wildlife with the best experience. Marietas Islands Tour or the Hidden Beach Snorkeling can provide a safe and fun environment for families to enjoy eco-friendly experiences in paradise. Book-now-hidden-beach-marietas


From experienced visitors to ocean lovers looking for a great time at las Marietas Islands Tour or the Hidden Beach Snorkeling. From Warm waters, white sand and amazing wildlife, couples and families feel the instant sense of coming to a magical place full of warm people and tropical beauty. Join us and Book your Marietas Islands Tour now!


Marietas Islands National Park… Where recently declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO MAB, protecting 44 species of flora and fauna found in different risk categories. Sanctuaries for reproduction, feeding and resting of some migratory seabirds like the blue-footed booby birds.


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Hidden Beach Snorkeling
Marietas Islands Tour

HIDDEN BEACH SNORKELING(Monday and Tuesday is closed, access under strict control and restrictions; respecting the maximum number of persons allowed per day. Set by CONANP)

  • 5 star review  Wonderfully worth it shop around for the rate pay attention to where your water taxi or charter is departing from it is an additional cost to get to the boat.....

    thumb Dennis Roeper
  • 1 star review  This company is a scam and robs tourists. In my case, they conspired and lied to my credit card company and are trying to rob me of $1,000. They do not operate any boat. They take your money and send you to another boat company. Marietas islands tour told us to show at the terminal at 830am to start going through security/port fees and then get our tickets. We did. The tour company they assigned us to had already sold our seats to another group of tourists because we were not there by 820am. By the time we made it to the boat company at 845am to get our tickets (after absolutely no mention of the tour operator by name or any correct signage in the email of where to find this one of many operators), our seats had been given away to others. Nothing whatsoever In their brochures or email from This aggregator to us said to show up by 820am. This aggregator refuses to refund our $1,000 in ticket expenses and has now lied to my credit card company that I showed up at 910am even though no one that takes your money online is at the terminal to know when I showed up and I have car receipts to show I arrived when I was supposed to. Nothing in their online cancellation policy speaks to giving away your tickets if you show up when they tell you to show up. If something goes wrong, as it did In our case, they lied about our arrival time despite not even being at the terminal to know the arrival time. This company is a scam and just robs tourists, particularly American ones. If you want to go to the Marietas Islands, skip this scam of a company and just go to the Puerto Vallarta Marine terminal and buy from the actual boat operators themselves.

    thumb Luke carlton
  • 2 star review  Don't go if you get seasick easily. You will be miserable. Don't go if it's windy as the water will be murky and you won't see many fish. Don't go in the winter season as the water is quite cold and you won't be able to stay in there for more than 5 minutes

    thumb Joanne D
  • 5 star review  Would definitely recommend Vallarta Adventures. It might be a little loud and too crazy early in the morning as the tour heads out to the islands but by the afternoon after much sun and sand and booze it becomes a party.

    thumb Angel Dia
  • 5 star review  Fantastic place, so very different to go especially if you like anything to do with nature.

    thumb Lynn George


  •   Creo que a esta actividad de Vallarta Adventures le falta tiempo para disfrutarse más. Las actividades están muy bien, pero hay pocos kayaks y paddleboards para disfrutar más del lugar.... read more

  •   Ante nada especificar que es un parque nacional protegido... hay que revisar muy bien con que proveedor de servicios llegar al lugar... te la pasas muy bien, en mi caso,... read more

  •   Cada año las visitamos, un lugar paradisíaco, sí estas cerca, es un lugar imperdible, no dudes en visitarlo, vale la pena

  •   Está muy padre, pero mis expectativas eran más altas. Es caro para poder ir. Pero todo está muy bien.

  •   este es uno de esos lugares que uno debe visitar si visita el estado de Nayarit. es una playa única en el mundo. Hay que saber nadar en el mar... read more

    Gabriel O

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