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Since marriage is a one-time happening in your life, have you ever thought of seeking a professional wedding planner? Behind every beautiful wedding in Puerto Vallarta, there’s a heart of wedding planner. And if you desire to make your marriage occasion a splendid and memorable event of your life, then you are at the right place.

TALBOT ROSS is the leading wedding planners in Puerto Vallarta; working with the team of professional people that understand the vision of the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’. Our premium services take care of everything such as- wedding venue, catering, music, décor, logistics, guest harmony, and other special requests. Since our team carries a well-planned approach, you’ll not be disappointed with our unique ideas and imagination.

What You Gain With Professional Wedding Planners?

All we are saying that- “You take care of your vows and we shall take care of your wedding”. By having the assistance of professional wedding planner for your marriage in Puerto Vallarta, it becomes easier:

  • Organizing and execute all the hard work of your wedding
  • Taking care of your guest in a most generous way
  • Exploring the fascinating ideas for your exceptional wedding
  • Making your marriage occasion a brilliant and unforgettable event


Let’s Make Your Wedding A Happily Ever After Tale. If your marriage day is on the way, then book us immediately by reaching us out at [email protected].

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