How Safe Is Puerto Vallarta For Traveling Solo?

If you’re a female traveler, you may wonder how safe Puerto Vallarta is. This popular destination has low crime rates and is LGBTQ-friendly. In this article, I’ll discuss how safe Puerto Vallarta is for female solo travelers. I’ve also provided tips to stay safe while traveling. After all, no one is perfect, so it’s important to keep your safety in mind when traveling.

Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist destination

Many people are wary of going to Mexico alone, but this fun Mexican city is actually quite safe for solo travelers. Though there is a fair amount of petty crime and a party scene, Puerto Vallarta is not a particularly seedy city. Unlike most parts of Mexico, crime rates are much lower than in the rest of the country. Moreover, there are few regulations for traveling alone in this city.

Although crime in Puerto Vallarta is relatively low, you should be aware of hurricane season, which runs from June to November. You should pay attention to warning flags posted on the beach and don’t go into the water unsupervised. The Pacific Coast is also prone to hurricanes, so you should be extra careful if you plan on swimming in the ocean. Make sure you swim safely.

Another important precaution to take when traveling alone in Puerto Vallarta is to carry bottled water. This way, you can ensure the safety of your drinks. Likewise, you should also be aware of the surrounding area, especially in the tourist zones. Don’t wander aimlessly on the streets. Use your common sense, and always wear sunscreen. Puerto Vallarta is a very safe tourist destination, and most crimes that take place there are drug-related.

When travelling alone, you should avoid resort hotels where couples can mingle with other tourists. It is important to book a hostel where you can make new friends, and you should be wary of couples’ resort hotels. Try to meet other solo travellers in social areas, such as the hotel’s pool or tour guides. Once you’ve made friends, you can take part in social activities that you can enjoy in the town. Speaking to other people can help to reduce the loneliness and stress associated with solo travel.

Getting around town is also relatively easy. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can use the public bus system. Usually, public buses charge 50 cents to get from one district to another. However, you should pay extra attention to the driver’s name and the license plate of the vehicle. You can also opt for an Uber or scooter rental. While roads in Puerto Vallarta are safe, be prepared for potholes and cobblestone.

It has low crime rates

Traveling solo is safe in Puerto Vallarta. Although it can be scary at times, crime rates in this destination are low. Luckily, it is possible to stay safe while traveling on a budget. There are several ways to get around, and Uber and INDriver are reliable options. While they may not be cheap, they’re still a good option in Puerto Vallarta. Before deciding on an Uber, check the license plate and confirm the driver’s identity. You’ll need to plan ahead since there aren’t many Uber drivers in Puerto Vallarta, so you may have to wait up to 15 minutes.

Although the drug war has been raging for years, most crime has been confined to the border region. If you’re traveling solo in Puerto Vallarta, be sure to practice proper safety precautions. Wear masks and avoid being alone with strangers. Drinking in public is not recommended, and you should avoid getting drunk in public. The city is generally safe, but there’s still a risk of getting robbed.

While there’s a low crime rate in Puerto Vallarta, it’s always wise to be cautious. Traveling alone is especially dangerous for women, but it’s possible to be safe if you follow the usual precautions. Crime in Puerto Vallarta is low compared to other major US cities, and the city’s low crime rates are a great advantage for women.

Though there’s a low crime rate in Puerto Vallarta, it’s still a good idea to travel with someone you trust. Uber drivers are easy to spot and follow, and you’ll be sure to feel safe and confident while exploring the city alone. Just be aware that petty crime has been reported in nearby beach towns, such as Sayulita. Be sure to drink responsibly when out and about.

While crime is still an issue in the city, it’s much less severe on Isla Holbox. This island has a close-knit community. It’s not as touristy as other islands, so crime rates are low. A whale shark and snorkeling adventure from Isla Holbox is a must for anyone visiting the island between June and September. Holbox’s locals are friendly and helpful, and the nightly market is full of delicious food specialties. The local lobster pizza is a must-have if you’re traveling alone in Puerto Vallarta.

It is LGBTQ+ friendly

In 2017, Puerto Vallarta was named the first Gay-Travel Approved City. Its inclusive atmosphere and continuing innovation has made the city an ideal destination for travelers who identify as LGBTQ. Although Mexico does not have laws prohibiting homosexual acts, 14 U.S. states clung to sodomy laws until the Supreme Court invalidated them in 2003. While Puerto Vallarta is a relatively progressive city, there are still a few issues that make it an ideal destination for LGBTQ travelers.

The LGBT Civil Association of Commerce and Tourism was created by a group of professionals in 2008 to promote the LGBTQ community in Puerto Vallarta. This non-profit promotes the rights and interests of the LGBTQ+ community and encourages member expansion. The organization’s goal is to help visitors feel welcome and safe in Puerto Vallarta. There are also numerous other resources for LGBTQ travelers. For example, Puerto Vallarta offers a gay-friendly restaurant, and the LGBT Civil Association is there to support it.

The city’s tourism board has made its LGBT community a priority. It has worked to increase visibility for its attractions by joining the Gay and Lesbian Health Coalition (GLHC) and the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association. In 2014, Puerto Vallarta hosted the first World Pride in Mexico, and subsequently sponsored the Human Rights Campaign. To further support its LGBT community, the LGBTQ Tourism Board organized a special LGBTQ Business Expo (GLBTX-MEX) in the city, bringing together professionals and businesspeople from across the globe.

In addition to LGBT-friendly businesses and hotels, Puerto Vallarta has a vibrant LGBTQ atmosphere. While most of the gay-friendly hotels are located in the hotel zone, there are also several hotels that cater to LGBT travelers. Marriott and Hard Rock Hotels have consistently ranked as the LGBTQ-friendly hotels in Mexico. Other gay-friendly hotels include Casa Capula, which provides luxurious accommodations. During busy seasons, the hotel hosts fun pool parties. Pianta PV is a men-only boutique hotel. There are many activities for couples to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta.

The city is also known for its gay-friendly beaches. In addition to Playa de los Muertos Beach, the area has Blue Chairs Beach, a section of the beach that is popular among LGBTQ travelers. The Blue Chairs Beach club, which has blue chairs set up by a gay-friendly hotel, has become a hot spot for LGBTQ parties. A wide selection of restaurants and bars are located in this area.

It is safe for solo female travelers

Puerto Vallarta is a safe destination for solo female travelers. Its high number of tourists attracts tourists from many different countries. While traveling on your own, it’s best to look for a hotel in a safe neighborhood. You should avoid nighttime travel, stay away from the beach, and watch your alcohol intake. This city has clean water, making it a good choice for women traveling alone.

While petty theft is not a significant problem in Puerto Vallarta, it does happen. It’s important to remain vigilant when walking at night, avoid leaving your purse unattended, and invest in pickpocket-proof clothing. Moreover, travel insurance should be protected. To ensure that you are covered if something happens to you while on vacation, you should keep your travel documents, passport, and other valuables in a safe place.

The security in Puerto Vallarta is generally good, but you should still be vigilant when traveling alone. While the town is secured by a national guard, the security in the suburbs is lacking. Avoid taking drinks from people you don’t know and don’t go on secluded streets. Don’t buy drugs either. Though the city is generally safe, it is not free from crimes. Just be aware of your surroundings, obey the rules, and your vacation should be a safe one.

One way to minimize crime is to avoid taking public transportation. While PV is a walkable city, taxis may be a potential target. If you choose to take a taxi, it’s best to do so through a reliable service like Uber. Although cabs in Mexico don’t have meter prices, they may be less trustworthy than licensed white taxis. Always make sure to lock your wallet and ID in your hotel’s safe.

It’s possible to find a local in Puerto Vallarta who speaks English. If you don’t speak Spanish, this city is a great choice. The town’s gay-friendly Zona Romantica is full of colorful rainbow flags and gay clubs. You won’t have any trouble finding a place to eat. You can also take advantage of its nightlife and shop for souvenirs.

If you’re wondering whether or not Amazon has a pick up service in Puerto Vallarta, you have some options. While Uber and Flycrates are popular ways to get your package to a new location, it’s important to note that Puerto Vallarta’s taxis are not metered. They are zone-based, so if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable option, you can opt for an Uber. While Uber allows you to drop your package off right at the airport, it is not permitted to pick you up at the curb. Instead, you can arrange to meet your Uber driver at the pedestrian bridge.


For those who have ordered Amazon products from a different location, there are a few options for getting them delivered to Puerto Vallarta. Flycrates, for instance, buys the items from Amazon and delivers them to you in Mexico. The customer simply fills out the order on the site and submits it for pick-up. The company offers a money-back guarantee if an item does not arrive in Puerto Vallarta. The company also provides a return service for defective items, so if you are unhappy with an item that isn’t delivered in time, you can get a refund on the purchase.


If you have a lot of shopping to do, you might be wondering if you can get a pick up service from Amazon in Puerto Vallarta. While it’s certainly possible to get your purchases from Amazon in the U.S., if you want to use the pick up service in Puerto Vallarta, you can order them from the US warehouse and have them delivered in Mexico. However, you will need to be aware of the fees and taxes associated with shipping your packages.

If you can’t make your purchase on Amazon in Mexico, you’ll have to use a package forwarder. You can get multiple shipping plans through package forwarders. Some offer package consolidation, which means combining several orders into one. This will save you shipping costs and give you the convenience of one shipment. Nonetheless, some package forwarders offer other services, like assisting you with the selection of products on Amazon.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to get around, both Uber and Amazon offer pick up services in Puerto Vallarta. Both services accept reservations up to 30 days in advance, and both can be booked on any day of the week. You can also pay for the service in cash if you prefer. But note that cash prices are usually higher than Uber prices in Puerto Vallarta. Here are some tips for choosing a ride using an Uber in Puerto Vallarta.

Uber is a great way to get around town and is becoming increasingly popular. Though it was only recently launched in Puerto Vallarta, it has now become a common form of transportation in the area. Just like in the United States, drivers for Uber in Puerto Vallarta are required to go through several tests before they can work for the company. To be safe, it’s a good idea to share your itinerary and contact information with other people, as this will prevent you from getting ripped off.

Taxis in Puerto Vallarta are not metered and zone-based. However, Uber and Amazon can pick up clients from the curb of the airport. When using an Uber, you need to make sure you ask the driver to stop at a pedestrian bridge so that the driver can get your luggage. You can then hail the ride with the touch of a button. Depending on the type of vehicle you choose, it can cost anywhere between $6 and $7 USD.

The airport is located a few miles north of the City Center. It’s a safe place to stay, with very few locals exploiting tourists. Just make sure to follow the guidelines of the airport to avoid scams. While Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful destination, it’s important to know a little Spanish to avoid getting ripped off. If you’re unsure, Rocket Languages is an excellent online platform for learning the language.

Amazon global shipping

If you live in Mexico, you can use an Amazon pick up service in Puerto Vallarta to get your package delivered. These forwarding services provide an address in the US so you can buy items through Amazon. Some forwarding services specialize in delivering Amazon US products to Mexico. You can browse their delivery options to determine which is best for you. However, you need to know that not all forwarders accept Mexican credit cards.

To use the Amazon pick up service in Puerto Vallarta, you need to have a credit card that is accepted in Mexico. You can deposit up to 5,000 pesos in Amazon Cash to avoid paying import taxes. You can also use the Amazon credit card to pay for the shipping. Most major cities accept credit cards. You can also pay using your Amazon card to pay for the shipping and pick up service.

Choosing a forwarding service for your packages is an important decision. Your shipping company should offer reliable service at reasonable prices. You should look for one that uses reliable delivery services, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS. A good forwarding service will also offer a range of services, such as tracking and customs clearance. You should also check for their premium memberships to enjoy additional perks, such as expedited delivery.

You can use the Amazon pick up service in Puerto Vallarta to get your items delivered right to your doorstep. The vast selection of products on Amazon can make it easy to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. There’s a wide range of home goods and decorative items for you to choose from. With this service, you don’t have to worry about importing expensive items or putting in extra time and money.

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